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Integrated Fleet Management

Our Integrated Fleet Management solution is an innovative web-based fleet management platform ...

Advanced Fuel Management

From the 99.2% accuracy of our fuel sensors to the ability to create custom reports in Tekwise Online platform,...

Cold Storage Solutions

An Innovative easy-to-implement and cost-effective internet of things (IoT) cold chain remote monitoring ....

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smart fleet management & cold chain solutions

Enabling real-time visibility and control of assets

We provide industry’s most complete and integrated M2M fleet monitoring solutions for transportation and logistics, enabling real-time visibility and control of transport assets as they move across the supply chain resulting to improved operational efficiency, increased profitability, safety and compliance.


Solutions Oriented

Our products are designed keeping in mind the common problems that businesses usually face while tracking their fleet or employees so as to deliver the right solutions to streamline the process.


Cutting-edge Tech

We integrate innovation and latest technology to design highly-advanced solutions that are easy-to-use and that streamline the complex tracking process.